Carmine DeCicco March 29, 2022 at 7:45 AM

Ready to Grow Your Business? SAFE Can Help

Whether your business is a one-person shop or an expanding enterprise, there are several options to help take your business to the next level.  

The options are out there – you just need to know where to look.

I’ve worked in commercial lending in the Sacramento region through various economic dips and falls. And I’ve learned a few things along the way that may help you as you look to expand your company.

First, start by focusing on your own business. It may sound simple, but many entrepreneurs often look at how other businesses succeeded. Resist the urge and turn inward. Focus on the operating side of your business, and that’s where you will best identify new goals to grow your business.

Chances are, once you’ve identified those goals, you’re going to need to find a source of funding to make them happen. That’s where finding the right loan product is so important.*

Let’s say you own a service business, like an HVAC company, you may see a need for a new truck, but you don’t exactly have the cash to buy a new one, a business vehicle loan may be the right fit for you.

If your business plan calls for hiring more staff, explore a business line of credit to provide the funding to pay for additional salaries.

A manufacturer may also benefit from lines of credit to purchase raw material, fund payroll and ship the product. Or they may want to take advantage of a low-interest Small Business Administration (SBA) loan to cover expansion costs. Commercial real estate loans can help them buy that bigger facility to further help them grow.

For everyday business purchases, such as supplies, postage and utility bills, you may want to consider a Visa® Business Credit Card.

Our SAFE Commercial Lending Team is especially positioned to help local small businesses find the loan that helps them best.

When people ask me what sets SAFE Credit Union apart from other banking institutions and credit unions in the area, I tell them we are a very hands-on lender. We are committed to working with our clients closely to help them through what can seem a daunting process, even for the most seasoned business owner. And we will work with you to determine which kind of loan you really do need. For example, you may need a line of credit rather than an SBA loan or a credit card.

Before applying for a loan, be sure to develop, maintain, and update a realistic and detailed business plan that you intend to follow. Include a financial projection and a list of all the assumptions you made to support the plan. I recommend you have a professional help you such as a CPA or utilize the support available – at no cost – from a local Small Business Development Center. Also, SCORE, a free mentoring program, is another resource that can provide a great deal of guidance from retired executives.

SAFE is here to help small businesses in the Greater Sacramento region and the Bay Area find the loans they need to grow their business. Loans we offer at SAFE include:

Business Term Loans

Geared toward helping business owners obtain funding with predictable monthly payments. Schedule an appointment today.

Visa Business Credit Card

Pay for everyday expenses with a credit card designed just for businesses. Find out more here.

Commercial Real Estate

Explore loan options to help pay for more space for more opportunities. See how here.

Equipment/Vehicle Financing

Set your business up with the tools for success, visit here.

SBA Loans

SAFE is an expert in SBA loans designed to give you low-interest options for your growing business. Find out how here.

Working Capital/Lines of Credit

Access funds you need when you need them. See how here.


*SAFE Credit Union loans subject to approval and membership requirements.


Carmine DeCicco

Senior Business Development Officer