SAFE March 2, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Home energy checklist: Eight tips to save energy, money, and the planet

Learning how to save energy at home can make your house more efficient and comfortable. More importantly, you’re helping to protect the environment and our ecosystem. After all, the land within the boundaries of the United States covers nearly 2.3 billion acres – that’s a lot of ecosystem to protect!

How can you help save the planet and save money in the process? We’ve compiled some of our favorite energy-saving tips from Flex Alert and ENERGY STAR® to get you started. Keep this checklist handy to review your progress at least twice per year, and if you have children, this is a great way to show them how to make good energy-saving choices.

  • Tune up your HVAC equipment yearly. Just like a tune up for your car, a yearly tune-up of your HVAC system can improve efficiency and comfort.
  • Change your air filter at least every 3 months. Check your filter monthly. If it looks dirty, change it. A clean filter will prevent dust and dirt build up that can lead to expensive maintenance or replacement costs.
  • Seal your heating and cooling ducts. This can improve the efficiency of your system by 20% or more.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. Program your thermostat to match your schedule. Set the thermostat 4° - 7° higher in summer and lower in winter when you’re asleep or away from home to save throughout the year.
  • Unplug your electronics. Unplug battery chargers, power strips, and other equipment when not in use. Together, these small items can use as much power as your refrigerator.
  • Keep cool with ceiling fans. Reduce air conditioning costs by using fans, keeping windows and doors shut, and closing shades during the day.
  • Wash clothes in cold water. When possible, wash clothes in cold water. About 90% of the energy used when washing clothes goes to heating the water. 
  • Install energy-saving appliances. When the time comes to replace any household appliances, consider ENERGY STAR-qualified models to make your home more energy efficient.

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