Today, a significant portion of Americans are experiencing some sort of financial challenge, causing extra stress in their everyday lives. In fact, Americans carry more than $2 trillion in consumer debt and 30 percent of consumers report having no extra cash.1 Without some support, guidance, and financial education it may feel impossible to escape the burden of living paycheck to paycheck.

Setting Savings Goals

April has been declared National Financial Literacy Month – and in its honor, SAFE is highlighting our repository of educational videos that can help put you on the path to financial wellness, creating a successful strategy to improve your overall financial position.

The Financial Fitness Academy offers more than 20 interactive, online tutorials covering a wide range of topics, including wisely managing credit, home ownership preparedness, building emergency savings, digital payments, investments, and more. These short, free tutorials aren’t exhaustive – they simply can’t cover everyone’s unique financial situation – but they will help you develop a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. And that sets you up for financial success.

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Anca Green

Anca Green is a senior communications specialist at SAFE Credit Union within the marketing department and has focused on writing for much of her career. She’s passionate about the creative process and seeing a big picture vision come to fruition. After hours, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.