SAFE November 8, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Saving Money on Family Meals

Follow these tips to save money on your family meals. When you look at ways you can save money each month, trimming the fat on the family’s food budget may not be the first thing that comes to mind. No, it doesn’t involve clipping coupons or drinking a special green drink for two out of your three meals. Here are three simple solutions to save money on family meals. And who knows, you might even get a little more organized in the process.

Farmer’s Market

Local farmer’s markets are a great option to pick up a wide variety of produce (often times organic) for family meals at an affordable price. The food is usually grown nearby, which in turn keeps the money you spend on the food in your community. And, if you buy the produce in-season you can get the produce for as low as half the cost of what it would be at your grocery store.


Plan Ahead

Whether you do your grocery shopping on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you can save some money if you plan out your family meals for the week. This will eliminate those last minute trips to the grocery store for random items. Be sure to include meals on the menu that have leftover potential like pasta dishes, casseroles, and meals cooked in a crockpot. Once you are shopping, be sure to stick to your list; this will keep you from overbuying.     


Buy in Bulk

Typically, it’s always cheaper to buy things in bulk. After you make out your menu for the week, look at the items on your list that may make sense to buy big. For example, a large bag of a dozen chicken breasts is more economical than buying a pack of four breasts. You can use the chicken for a meal on this week’s menu as well as future meals, and you have less to buy on your next shopping trip.

Bottom Line: Don’t be afraid to try your hand at good old couponing for another money-saving solution. But, if you don’t want to stuff your wallet with coupon clippings, perhaps our Cash Rewards program suits you better – view our demo. By using the tips above, you’re sure to save money -- and you’ll find a system that works for you.



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