We are experiencing a pivotal time in history. SAFE, as a company, can take action or stay on the sidelines, and as President/CEO, I want to state affirmatively and unequivocally that SAFE stands in solidarity with those fighting for equality and, that Black lives matter. We reject racism, bigotry, and hate.


SAFE stands with YOU

SAFE exists to improve the financial well-being of our members. In the wake of recent brutal reminders of the continued change needed, I have been scrutinizing what that mission means. Our core values of Service, Trust, Camaraderie, Collaboration & Innovation, Community, and Integrity are at the heart of all we do. To act in accordance with these values includes an acknowledgement of inequities. It continues with listening generously, having difficult conversations, and self-educating. We must identify and root out complicity, and dedicate ourselves to what is right.


SAFE commits to change

We know more can be done and we are ready to do the work. Action matters most. SAFE commits to the expanding our efforts with these changes beginning now:

  • Expand volunteerism to Black-owned businesses and programs that support racial justice
  • Increase support of equality initiatives through philanthropy
  • Grow financial education offerings in our community
  • Modify our recruiting to better include underrepresented groups at all levels
  • Empower more BIPOC via professional development opportunities
  • Deploy internal education for all employees on creating a safe work culture for all
  • Empower leaders to apply social innovation inside our business

All of us have the power and opportunity to impact and influence others to affect change within our company, communities, and country.  United, we can make equity a reality.

Thank you for choosing SAFE.


Dave Roughton

Dave Roughton is President and CEO of SAFE Credit Union.