There’s a bounty of shows to binge-watch on Netflix and an endless stream of videos to swipe through on TikTok, but none of them truly improve your wellness or financial future. Improving your financial well-being may sound like a total yawn fest, but we challenge you to try one. We think you’ll be binge watching these short and highly entertaining videos (all under five minutes) as we take you through “The 5 Factors of Credit”—the most important things you should know about growing your credit score.

SAFE’s very own employees and financial experts star in these videos and pack a lot of humor and insights in just a few minutes. They are designed to be short, so you can watch one when you are parked at the pick-up line, and another while your pasta is cooking on the stove. You get the idea. Well, go on then. Click on the first video and see what you think.

Warning: we talk a lot about pie, so make sure you aren’t super hungry when you watch these.

Episode 1: Payment History


Looking to improve your credit? Grab the largest slice of the credit pie to understand why payments are a huge factor of your credit score.

Episode 2: Credit Utilization


Take a break and uncover why the way you use your credit can help or hurt your score and why 30% is the sweet spot.

Episode 3: Length of Credit


The pie slice may be a smaller, but you don’t want to gamble with credit length. Learn how fantastic it can be to have aged credit and the nuances in how age is determined.

Episode 4: Credit Inquiries


Hang out with us while we explain the difference between the two types of credit inquiries and best practices to keep this part of the pie in pristine condition.

Episode 5: Mix of Credit


Mix it up with the credit crew and discover what a good mix of credit does for your score. You may even learn how to make a pie.

So much fun, right? Don’t worry. This is just the first of many financial topics that we’ll create just for you. Don’t forget to comment below and let us know your favorite part!

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Jason Fonseca

Jason Fonseca, financial educator at SAFE Credit Union, has spent the past decade educating residents of the Greater Sacramento area on how to create a successful financial and professional future! Through relatability, an infectious sense of humor, and firsthand knowledge of numerous sections of the financial industry, Jason provides entertaining workshops that aim to better the way you handle your finances so you can better enjoy life.