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Why you need to keep your estate planning up to date

Natalie Spiwak
by Natalie Spiwak on September 20, 2018 at 9:35 AM

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Natalie Spiwak
Written by Natalie Spiwak
Natalie Spiwak is the CEO and Founder of Affinity Trusts.  Affinity Trusts aligns with the leading estate planning law firm, Citadel Law Corporation, to provide SAFE Credit Union members a complete range of advanced estate planning services. By providing accessible seminars, and engaging in personal dialogue with clients about estate planning, Affinity Trusts serves the life-planning needs of many with a high level of passion, expertise and integrity.  When not busy with her clients, Natalie loves spending time with her two young children and because she also has a degree in archeology, loves traveling the world!

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